Write video scripts that generate attention, engagement and conversions from your ideal audience! 

There’s Video, Then There’s Video That Scores

Your videos are coming off the assembly line like nobody’s business. It’s a live video here, a webinar there, a YouTube bonanza of tips and techniques…

Phew! This is thirsty work!  

You’re doing the full video shuffle but nothing’s happening—no traction, engagement and, most importantly, conversions! And conversions are what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Let’s be real. As an entrepreneur, you’re producing content to earn money. 

Yes, you want to share your passion, add value and help others. But if you’re spending time and money on doing videos that don’t build consistent, sustainable income then, sooner or later, you won’t be able to help anyone. 

What If You Could:

* create dynamite videos that kick butt

* have viewers stop ignoring you and actually watch your videos through to the end

* achieve recognition and respect in your niche, becoming the go-to source for information and expertise

* convert viewers into buyers like you're converting coal into diamonds

* get customers to sing your praises and tell others about you and what you do

All of this is within your grasp. 

When it comes to romancing audiences with video and earning a place in their hearts and minds, it all begins with the script.

Introducing the No Fuss Video Scriptwriting Toolkit

More leads, higher engagement, healthier sales and revenues; that’s the goal of every entrepreneur. Video can deliver on all of them...but not just any video.

You need video that hits all the right notes with your target market. This is where video scripting comes into play.

Writing a video script with strategy and purpose is just like writing the success story of your business. All it takes is a little know-how...know-how we can give you with our No Fuss Video Scriptwriting Toolkit.

Here’s what you get in our Video Scriptwriting Toolkit:

* A video scriptwriting guide—learn how to write scripts that prime your videos for maximum impact with today’s harder-to-impress audiences.

* A video script formula workbook—get a rock-solid blueprint that engineers your video content for optimum results by boosting its discoverability, engagement and action levels.

* A video script swipe file—see real examples of what well-written scripts look like to inspire your own ideas and writing technique.

We’ve included everything you need to craft video scripts that will set you up for success with video marketing. 

Just showing up on video doesn’t cut it

What you say and how it's said matters

Folks, the internet has become a freeway of bumper-to-bumper video traffic. Getting and keeping attention in today’s crowded online world...and then transforming that attention into engagement and conversions...is challenging. 

The truth is many videos online are just white noise that do not connect with viewers. There's opportunity for you here, though. All you have to do is apply some thought and strategy to your video content.  

Sure, you could be like everyone else and just go on camera and start talking. Keep throwing that spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks. But if you want to stop wasting time (and spaghetti), you've got to adopt a strategic approach to your videos.

Learning how to write a script for video is a must-do, if you want to grow your network and inspire the kind of engagement that will see viewers eventually transform into buyers.

Video Scriptwriting Guide

A thorough, yet easy-to-follow video scripting guide on the ingredients common to all powerful scripts that make for compelling, convincing video.

This is a handy scriptwriting manual that breaks down the process into simple elements you can apply easily to your video marketing. We distil more than two decades of on-the-job experience writing television and video scripts that pull viewers in. Writing for your ideal customer, storytelling, mastering conversational tone—these are just some of the pearls you'll find in this guide.

Video Script Formula Workbook

A video script workbook that shares our exclusive 12-step blueprint for scriptwriting that builds purpose, watchability and profitability for your videos.

Our step-by-step outline process will help you create a repeatable recipe for video scripts that hook viewers, laying down the tracks for the long-term, sustainable success of your business. You're getting a video scripting formula forged from many years of trial and error which will level up your videos for maximum business impact.

Video Script Swipe File

A swipe file of video script examples that you can use as plug-and-play templates to build your own scripts for winning video marketing content.

With the sample video scripts we’ve written, you’re getting to copy off our homework. This is just the inspiration you need to create your own amazing scripts. Talk about making the process as simple as sliding into a pair of slip-on shoes! Our swipe file gives you 10 video script examples that demonstrate our signature video script formula in action.

Who Are We?

We are Narrisa and Paolo from No Fuss Video. 

We are former journalists with a combined 25 years of experience in television, radio and print media. We’ve worked both in front of and behind the camera. You name it, we’ve done it, from field reporting to the production and hosting of live news programmes and talk shows. 

In 2009, we branched out from journalism into documentary film and video production. Now that the world has gone all in on video, we’re enjoying using our talents and expertise as online coaches to help others live their dreams through video. Through our company, No Fuss Video, we show entrepreneurs and executives how to increase their visibility and impact with our on-camera coaching, video mentorship and media training. 

Our unique blend of experience in the broadcast and print media, documentary film and video production and online entrepreneurship means we are uniquely positioned to teach others how to use video effectively to build new opportunities for success. 

Video is our thing. We want to make it yours too.

Good scripts power videos that strike a chord with audiences

Audiences in today’s digitally-driven world have limitless choice at their fingertips. They’re bombarded with countless options. 

Everywhere they go online, there's someone trying to flag them down, selling a product, a service...the secret to eternal happiness. What that means is, if you're to have any chance of building a sustainable, profitable business, you have to draw people in and demonstrate your worth and value.

Video with the right approach and messaging can help you become an authority in your niche, someone people are willing to stop and listen to. Our No Fuss Video Scriptwriting Toolkit can help you be that person. It’s the complete guide to writing scripts that will see you achieve roaring success with video. 

You want the satisfaction of making videos that drive more traffic to your website, drum up new business opportunities and stimulate sales. Our video scripting toolkit will help you create compelling videos with the structure and purpose that deliver those results. Even better, it does so in a way that saves you valuable time and takes the headaches out of the writing process.

Your roadmap to video success

Now, maybe you've never written a script before or, perhaps, your scripting efforts always end in a wastebasket filled with crumpled frustration? Getting your business messages down in a clear, coherent way feels like solving a Rubik’s Cube...with one hand tied behind your back. 

You know your industry inside out, but when it comes to writing about it, you sit at the computer for hours staring at it resentfully. The ideas and information in your mind turn to cement. 

You’re not alone.

Writing is unfamiliar terrain for many entrepreneurs. Product design, customer service and sales promotions are no big deal...writing for video, though, takes more time and effort than it should. 

But what if you had a video scriptwriting roadmap with neon signs? 

Writing a video script for your business doesn’t have to feel like solving a complex equation. There is a simple, no fuss method to writing dynamite scripts to create videos that will absolutely transform your prospects.

We can show you the ropes to video scriptwriting that doesn’t tax your brain or time but is big on returns. No more wasted time staring into the abyss of the blank computer screen. 

Our No Fuss Video Scriptwriting Toolkit will help you write great scripts in a way that saves valuable time and takes the headaches out of the process.

Better results, less time and effort

When you have an easy way to do something that helps grow your business, you'll do it more often and more effectively. 

Painless video scripting + you = less stress, big success. That's simple math anyone can get on board with! 

Life doesn’t come with instructions, but fortunately some things do! 

You just want a simple, repeatable system to write effective video scripts; that’s precisely what you’re getting with our No Fuss Video Scriptwriting Toolkit. No fuss, no stress, just an easy template for video marketing success with video scripts that will help build your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of folks dominating the online space with captivating videos that check all the boxes with audiences. 

Are you ready to write your success story with amazing videos?


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With that said, we are willing to work with you to resolve any issues you may encounter. Our mission is for you to have the best user experience and results. However, owing to the considerable research, time and effort we’ve invested in creating this product, we are confident that you will not want to return it.