Amplify Your Impact & Influence on Camera

Grab the Skills to Stand Out in the Age of Video

You're on the right track! 

You get how important it is to speak with authority and power on camera to boost your business or career.  

Zoom meetings, web conferences, online learning, virtual selling and marketing—video is a huge part of getting ahead today. It has become a routine feature of our lives, like computers and smartphones.

Today, talking to the camera is a must-have skill. In every industry. In every profession.  


Simply speaking on camera isn’t enough to move the needle. 

You need to grab and hold people’s attention. That takes strategy and skill. 

Understanding how to speak confidently on camera brings you up to speed in a world where video is now an everyday form of communication.

Attention is Under Seige

You Have to Bring Your A-Game to Get Content-Weary Audiences to Give You a Shot

Video has opened up a world of opportunities, allowing you to connect more conveniently and effectively with people around the world. 

But it has also worsened the time-pressure paradox. 

Time hasn’t become shorter. What we must do with that time, though, has doubled, tripled, quadrupled! 

That means the audiences you want to reach have less time to lend you an ear. They are deciding in seconds to either tune you in or tune you out. 

Attention is like oxygen for your business and career ambitions. It’s also the toughest thing to come by these days.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need attention to get audiences to: 

  • See or hear you in the crowd
  • Know you're the one to solve their problem
  • Understand what separates you from your competitors
  • Most importantly, BUY FROM YOU

If you’re an executive, you need attention to: 

  • Become a trusted authority in your field
  • Command the respect of your peers
  • Generate greater career opportunities
  • Develop new contacts and relationships across your profession

That's where our on-camera training comes in. We’ll teach you how to speak confidently on camera to command attention and increase your impact and influence.

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Why is Camera Confidence Important?

Learn the Camera Confidence Secrets of the Video & TV Pros

Tap into our best tips for speaking on camera pulled from our 25 years in broadcast journalism

Maybe you want to leverage the power of video, but you’re too camera-shy to get started. Perhaps, you’re already using video, but you’re uncomfortable or wobbly on camera. Or it could be you've been doing video for a while, but you're just not getting any real results.

Well, don't sweat it.

Our on-camera training will help take you to the next level.

A life of connecting through the lens

We are Narrisa and Paolo from No Fuss Video.

With 25 years in television and video production, we live and breathe techniques for powerful, effective on-camera presentations. These are the techniques that will get today’s overwhelmed audiences to sit up and take notice.

Now, we're sharing the on-camera secrets we've learned over our long media careers.

Our tried and true methods have been poured into our online course, Speak with Confidence: Learn How to Talk to the Camera to Engage and Influence Audiences. Our goal is to teach you how to speak on camera with poise and charisma to put your unique self in front of the world to get attention and action. 


Confidence in video is a lot more than simply having the guts to step in front of a camera. 

Speaking with confidence in video calls for:

  • Careful messaging
  • Speaking clearly and concisely
  • Thoughtful pacing
  • Solid projection
  • The strategic use of storytelling
  • Powerful body language

Those who combine these techniques when talking to the camera, not only capture attention, but convince audiences of their message. That’s what drives people to take the action you need.  

Let Us Show You How to Embrace & Enjoy Video

We’ve worked both behind and in front of the camera as media professionals. From live field reporting to the production and hosting of live TV news programmes and talk shows, our experience is pretty varied. That’s why we’re confident we can help you be your best on camera and get the most out of video.

Our On Camera Training Will Teach You How To:

  • Overcome the fear of being on camera and clear a path to video success

  • Control nervousness and jitters to speak with confidence

  • Talk to the camera in a natural way

  • Write scripts that focus the mind and the message

  • Skip the ramble, umms, and ahhs to speak professionally and powerfully

  • Create stories that resonate with audiences, building rewarding connections

  • Create your best on-camera appearance to command respect

  • Embrace your accent so you're understood by all English-speaking audiences

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The Power of Video in Business

Get the camera-confidence skills that will help you become a respected authority in your niche

Learning how to talk to a camera is today's equivalent of learning to use the computer when it first emerged in the business world. That's because video is now the universal language of our online age.

There’s no getting around it—video is now a dominant form of business communication. More people are using the medium to connect, collaborate and do business. 

Video = broader reach = more opportunities = greater success! It’s not even an equation, just facts.

Survival, and Success of the Fittest

The game has changed online. It’s no longer enough to just go on camera and start talking. You have to be great on camera in order to:

  • Snag attention from time-pressured audiences

  • Get viewers to pay attention to and absorb your message

  • Be engaging and memorable so you’re top of mind in your niche

  • Stand out in a sea of video content

  • Inspire online scrollers to stop when they see your videos in their news feeds

  • Get your videos to bring in actual business results

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hello and Welcome!

    • Who Are We?

    • Confidence on Camera Course Overview

    • The Importance of Planning and Preparation

    • Take Action

  • 2

    The Fundamentals of a Powerful On-Camera Delivery

  • 3

    Conquering Fears of the Video Camera

  • 4

    Coping With Nerves

    • Calming Your Nerves

    • You're the Expert

    • Don't Get Discouraged by Mistakes

    • Relaxation Techniques

  • 5

    Techniques of a Powerful, Captivating On-Camera Speaker

  • 6

    Going On Camera

    • Where Should I Be Looking?

    • Treat the Lens as a Person

    • Your Look

    • Your Studio or Set

    • Principles of Lighting

    • Principles of Audio

    • How To Frame Yourself

  • 7

    Accents & Speaking On Camera

    • Accents On Camera

    • Celebrate Your Accent

    • How to Speak Clearly with an Accent

    • How To Improve Your Pronunciation

    • Captions and Visual Aids

  • 8


    • Congrats! You Made It!

    • Your Next Steps

  • 9


    • Lighting Mini-Guide

    • Audio Mini-Guide

    • Video Equipment Kit List

    • Video Content Creation Checklist

This Course Includes:

  • 40 lessons, 2.5 hours of actionable on-camera tips and techniques

  • Lifetime access including future course updates

  • 30-day risk-free, money back guarantee

Read What Some of Our Students Have to Say

We have students from all over the world currently taking our camera-confidence course

This Course Has Been Awesome

Raymond Brooks

Great actionable tips from knowledgeable, seasoned instructors. Every time my mind starts thinking up a question, they answer it. As someone who keeps putting off creating their own YouTube channel, this has definitely helped me a lot.

Clear Explanations and Engaging Delivery

Gerardus Sassen

Excellent explanation, entertaining and knowledgable. Good resources too.

Valuable Information

Lam Vinh

Good presentation. I have very little experience on camera and am eager to learn it the right way.


We share decades of experience in journalism spanning print, radio and television. 

After leaving the media, we started a video production company, creating television series and documentaries as well as video marketing campaigns for corporate clients. Today, we mentor entrepreneurs and executives from around the world to amplify their influence and income with video.

Through our company No Fuss Video, we help clients increase their visibility and impact online with our on-camera coaching, video mentorship and media training. 

Our greatest joy is using our talents and expertise to help camera-shy clients find their voice and fulfil their dreams through video.  

Sharp. Articulate. Poised. Professional.

These are the fundamentals of speaking with confidence on camera.

Being a powerful speaker on camera can inject momentum into your dreams and ambitions. You'll build relationships founded on trust—trust that’s earned through sincere and confident connections with clients and customers through the camera lens.

It would really be a thrill if you let us show you the doors that on-camera confidence can open for you. 


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you feel the course wasn’t the right fit for you, you’re entitled to a full refund with our 30-day money back guarantee. However, we're certain the content of our course will get you ready and raring to face audiences with confidence.