Kick Out Those Buts to Conquer the Camera!

~ You know about the growing power of video to promote your business, BUT you're terrified of appearing on camera.

~ You get that video can put more eyes on your brand, BUT you're afraid you'll mess up in front of thousands of viewers.

~ There's an online course just waiting to get out of you, BUT you believe speaking on camera is only for professionals.

~ You have to speak on camera for your job. The boss won't take no for an answer, BUT the idea of being seen on camera by your peers makes you break into a cold sweat.

Don't let these buts hold you back from your full potential!


Distilled from years in broadcast journalism and video production, our CAMERA-CONFIDENCE COURSE will give you the skills to create connections with audiences to build success. 

No ifs, ands or BUTS about it!

Whether it's to grow a business by reaching out to customers or creating online courses to increase revenues, video has changed the entrepreneurial landscape.

We'll help you harness the power of video by showing you how to face the camera with poise and charisma to put your unique self in front of the world.

“If success is the destination, then video is the path.”

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Why is Camera Confidence Important?

Learn the Secrets of the Video and Television Pros

We are Narrisa and Paolo from No Fuss Video. 

With 25 years in television and video production, we live and breathe the techniques for powerful on-camera presentations. 

Now, we're sharing the secrets we've learned over our long media careers in our online course, Confidence On Camera: Be Captivating and Natural in Videos.

Let Us Show You How To:

  • Overcome on-camera fears and insecurities to clear a path to video success.

  • Suppress nervousness and jitters in front of the lens.

  • Adopt techniques for a smooth on-camera delivery that skips the ramble and keeps you on track.

  • Write scripts that focus the mind and the message.

  • Create stories that resonate with audiences and build lasting connections.

  • Interpret the lens as a person who's on the other side of a one-on-one conversation.

  • Create your best on-camera look for a professional appearance that commands attention and respect.

  • Embrace your accent so you're understood by all audiences. 


We're offering 50% OFF our course because we want to give you a head start on making 2020 a banner year.

The last quarter of the year represents more than just 2019 winding down. We see this as a running start towards making 2020 overwhelmingly successful.

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That works out to $1 per lesson!

Experience first-hand what the camera-confidence skills we share in our course can do for your business and career. Get this fantastic offer now!



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Get Personal Feedback!

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"Heads up universe, I'm here for what's mine!" 

Greater opportunities, healthier revenues, a business that works for you and not the other way around—these can all be in your grasp by learning the principles to build a confident on-camera you.

Walk into 2020 with the camera-confidence skills that will help you build your business dreams.

Video is now a dominant form of business communication. More people are communicating through this medium to increase their visibility and reach new audiences. 

"Learning to speak on camera will become like learning to use the computer. That's because video is now the universal language of our online age."

Confident. Poised. Articulate.

These are the fundamentals of any good on-camera presentation. 

Learning to be confident on camera can inject momentum into your dreams and ambitions. 

You'll build business relationships founded on trust—trust that is earned through sincere and confident connections with customers or possible business partners through the camera lens.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Learning to Communicate on Camera

    • Why Learn to Communicate on Camera?

    • What Makes a Good Presenter?

    • Can You Learn to be a Good Presenter?

    • Do You Need to be Good-Looking?

    • Our Five Master Principles

    • Crib Sheet 2

  • 3

    Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

    • Acknowledge Your Fears

    • Flip Your Fears

    • Focus on the Positives of You

    • Focus on the Positives of Video

    • Don't Focus on You

    • Crib Sheet 3

  • 4

    Coping With Nerves

    • Calming Your Nerves

    • You're the Expert

    • Don't Get Discouraged by Mistakes

    • Relaxation Techniques

    • Crib Sheet 4

  • 5

    What Are You Going to Say?

    • Begin With Your Target Audience

    • What's Your Message?

    • Your Core Concept or Controlling Idea

    • To Script or Not to Script

    • Smart Sensible Structure

    • Touch Their Hearts

    • The Importance of Stories

    • Some Scripting Tips

    • Crib Sheet 5

  • 6

    Going On Camera

    • Where Should I Be Looking?

    • Treat the Lens as a Person

    • Your Look

    • Your Studio or Set

    • Principles of Lighting

    • Principles of Audio

    • How To Frame Yourself

    • Crib Sheet 6

  • 7

    Accents & Speaking On Camera

    • Accents On Camera

    • Celebrate Your Accent

    • How to Speak Clearly with an Accent

    • How To Improve Your Pronunciation

    • Captions and Visual Aids

    • Crib Sheet 7

  • 8


    • Congrats! You Made It!

    • Your Next Steps

This Course Includes:

  • 40 lessons, 2.5 hours of actionable on-camera tips and techniques

  • 8 downloadable crib sheets for convenient reference

  • Lifetime access including future course updates

  • 30-day risk-free, money back guarantee


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You've Got This!

You've got the ideas and drive to create your own space in the business world. 

You know video can help accelerate your goals, but you just can't push past a fear of the camera.

Good news! You don't have to feel stuck by an in-built discomfort in front of a camera. 

"Speaking confidently on camera is a skill than can be learned by anyone and applied with remarkable results." 

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The Growth of Video

Let Us Help You Embrace Video

We share decades in media spanning print, radio and television. 

From live field reporting to the production and hosting of live TV news programmes and talk shows, our media experience is wide-ranging and well-rounded.

We Know Our Video!

Our camera-confidence course is a natural progression from our Mastering Video Book Series. 

Both our books and online courses are geared towards helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, like ourselves, use the ever-growing popularity of video to achieve their goals. 

Our greatest joy is using our talents and expertise to help camera-shy clients find their voice and fulfil their dreams through video.  


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you feel the course wasn’t the right fit for you, you’re entitled to a full refund with our 30-day money back guarantee. However, we're certain the content of our course will get you ready and raring to face audiences with confidence.